Gain mastery, motivation and mindful awareness to conquer your eating habits

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  • Is food a negative aspect of your life?
  • Does food call to you from the cupboard?
  • Have you tried diet after diet with no long term success?
  • Feel trapped by poor self image?
  • Feel alone in your struggle?
  • Feel like a failure?

It doesn’t have to be this way...


How would it feel to be able to look at yourself with pride? What if you could identify compulsive thoughts around food and choose another way? Imagine a version of yourself that can enjoy food, be free of cravings and live a healthy balanced life.

Not just another quick fix or short term weight loss diet, we are offering a comprehensive, holistic program designed to build the life you desire.

pillars of success

There are 4 pillars to long term success:

  • Resources
  • Support
  • Awareness
  • Confidence

Our 12-week program will give you the skills to manage the challenges that life throws at you and to find the strength to stay true to yourself. You will be able to identify your drivers and influences and cultivate compassion and love, enabling you to act in a positive and constructive manner.


NOURISHING FREEDOM offers guidance to unshackle you from negative patterns surrounding your eating habits and self image. With the aid of bi-weekly group calls and regular lessons delivered straight to your inbox, you will have the support to cultivate new skills.


Everyone has a story which has brought them to where they are. At Nourishing Freedom we recognise the importance of first understanding a person's story, working with individuals where they are. This is why we are offering this comprehensive and holistic program.


  • 2 weekly groups chats
  • 3 weekly lessons sent straight to your inbox in written and audio files
  • Blood test to check for any nutritional imbalances (worth £150)
  • Comprehensive selection of daily supplements for the first month (vegan and non-vegan options available)* (worth £175)
  • Comprehensive selection of Essential Oils and information about how to use them safely and effectively to support your health plan* (worth £100)
  • Workbook to take you through the duration of the program
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • Personal food diary assessment (worth £100)
  • A healthy recipe guide

* Using doTERRA - the worlds premier producer of therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements to ensure quality and efficacy of the products included in this program. 

All of this together is worth over £1000, however we are offering you this opportunity for just £600, and if you book before the end of January you will also receive a free do TERRA Essential Oil diffuser worth £50!

Spaces are limited to just 5 per intake so enquire now to start your life of empowerment and positive growth with us this February.

This program is devised and delivered by Ian Thomas and Jeni Howland who, between them, have over 10 years of experience working with people to overcome weight health issues. With backgrounds in Kinesiology, dietetics and exercise instructing they are uniquely positioned to provide an holistic approach to tackling weight concerns.


Despite being active, and a keen rugby player, I struggled with my weight perceptions whilst growing up and understand all too well the strain this can have both emotionally and socially. Being a bigger kid I was convinced that my size defined me and when I didn't fit in (or found it difficult to talk to girls) my weight was to blame. 

In my early 20's I started to break free from these preconceptions and I started to train harder and focus on my diet. Perversely this is where the real troubles began. Obsessions with food, binge eating, shame, guilt and countless days of not feeling good enough stayed with me for several years. What helped me break free from this? Mindfulness, compassion and a deeper understanding of how the body and mind work together.

I became a dietitian to help guide people towards feeling more compassion for themselves and to ultimately feel happier in their own bodies.


I'm a Systematic Kinesiologist, Somatic Movement Therapist and a Yoga Teacher, providing classesprivate tuition and treatments in Central London and Gloucestershire.

From a young age I went to dance classes and went on to train as a dancer at college. I was involved in an industry where image perception and food addictions of one form or another are prevalent and yet so often misunderstood. I was disappointed that nutrition and general student welfare were not on the curriculum at the prestigious dance college that I attended and I was hit hard by the harsh reality of the performance industry. This planted a seed for me - a desire to support those in ways that I had needed support. Over the following years I qualified as a fitness instructor and studied yoga in London, Melbourne, Thailand and India and in 2013 completed a teacher training certificate. I qualified in Somatic Movement Education with Tanya Fitzpatrick of Align Somatics, Gentle Somatic Yoga with James Knight, and Yoga and Mindfulness for Children with Special Yoga Foundation.  

With more interest in more holistic approaches to dealing with health issues, I studied Systematic Kinesiology with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and with Gek-bee Prout of Cotswold Kinesiology. Systematic Kinesiology is a natural health practice that works with muscle-testing techniques to ascertain weaknesses or requirements in the body. It can resolve issues that are physical and structural, chemical and nutritional, emotional and energetic. Systematic Kinesiology can be effective in treating ailments such as IBS and other digestive issues, weakened immune system, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, skin rashes and other skin problems,  physical tension and pain management.

I am passionate about helping people find autonomy in their life, by giving tools that withstand life's stresses. 

Dates and Costs

This entire program is just £600 for the total 12-weeks and all inclusive items as details above.

This program will commence on with the first online group chat on Sunday 11th February 2018 and will run until Sunday 6th May 2018. If you send in an enquiry form before the end of January and then follow through with signing up before the end of January then we would love to acknowledge your commitment to yourself and to this program by gifting you a FREE doTERRA Essential Oil diffuser to use with the Essential Oils included in the program.