Jeni Howland guides a yoga practice that works holistically with the body to promote ease of movement, steadiness of breath and stillness of mind.

Where to find Jeni this week and next: 

TUESDAY 13 November
06:45   Aroma Yoga            @Ella & Fleur
11:00 Somatic Yoga @One Grove
12:00 Vinyasa Yoga @One Grove
18:00 Somatic Yoga @Regency Clinic
19:45 Barre @One Grove

WEDNESDAY 14 November
18:15 Beginners Yoga @Tewkesbury - enquire for details

THURSDAY 15 November
11:30 Beginners Yoga @The Yoga Studio
18:30 Yoga @Dormy House

FRIDAY 16 November
08:30 Yoga @Dormy House
11:30 Somatic Yoga @Regency Clinic
18:00    Vinyasa Yoga        @Prestbury URC

SATURDAY 17 November
08:45    Aroma Yoga           @The Yoga Studio
10:00    Somatic Yoga         @The Yoga Studio
14:30 Hips Playshop @Prestbury URC

@The Yoga Studio, Cheltenham
Contact the Studio to enquire: 01242 523282

@Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga, Cheltenham
Contact the Studio to enquire: 01242 226800

@One Grove, Cheltenham
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Regency Clinic, Cheltenham
Contact the Clinic to enquire: 01242 222111

 Jeni teaches regular classes in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Jeni teaches regular classes in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Jeni's Somatic Movement classes and private sessions teach mindful motion in order to transform painful muscular tension, enabling you to become and remain pain-free. 

When we learn a new movement, the brain creates a Movement Pattern and, through repetition, is able to program this Movement Pattern into the muscle memory. But what if, when we learn a movement, we use our muscles and joints in an inefficient way? This is a common cause of muscular tension that, over time, can lead to debilitating pain and injury. This can occur when playing sport or in daily life when we program simple Movement Patterns such as how we use a computer mouse, carry a bag or hold a phone.

Individual Personalised Somatic Movement sessions will teach you to use your muscles in a more beneficial way, increasing efficient capacity for building strength and eliminating muscular tension and pain. 

For information about private or bespoke classes or workshops, please contact Jeni directly.


The way I catch myself sitting and standing when I’m not even aware of it is quite a remarkable change from when I first came [to see you]. I never knew it was possible to retrain the body and mind like this. Thanks so much for your help Jeni!

— Chris

Thank you so much for that INCREDIBLE class! It was a real game changer for me.

— Philly

After attending to Jeni's sessions for several months, I already noticed the difference - my posture has much improved-something which I could not reach for years with other teachers

— Olga