Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

What Essential Oils do you want to take with you when traveling? These are the Essential Oils that accompanied me on my recent trip to Thailand. They were my first aid kit, my toiletries and my sweeties! 

For putting on bites: reduces pain and swelling and it also an antiseptic. It also acts as a natural insect repellent. 

For putting on bites: when used along with Lavender this is the dream team for treating nasty bug bites. The Melaleuca (tea tree) helps to prevent infection and helps to work the poison out of the skin. 

Breathe and Breathe Drops
I can't imagine a flight without these! Breathe Essential Oil is great to inhale during a flight to prevent that stuffy suffocating feeling on long-haul flights. The Breathe Drops are delicious and beneficial "sweets" that I like to suck during take-off and landing to help keep my airways fresh and clear and swallowing saliva helps to keep the air pressure in your ears equalised.

Peppermint Beadlets
These are a permanent fixture in my handbag, wherever I am. Providing a simple drop of pure, natural, fresh peppermint Essential Oil helps to clear the airways, bring energy and alertness and of course fresh breath! 

This is another Essential Oil that is great for respiratory clarity and ease. It is also great for the hair! I use a few drops of this, rubbed onto my scalp after swimming in the sea to help cleanse and restore my hair's vitality.

Great to cleanse the palate and to aid digestion. I like to drink Lemon Essential Oil in water first thing on a morning, and after eating foods that my body is less used to the night before, it is even more welcome.


TerraShield Spray
This is a superb insect repellant which is safe to use and absolutely non-toxic. 

This calming blend of special Essential Oils is my current favourite to keep me grounded. I use it during my yoga practice by putting a few drops on my wrists, temples and back of the neck before I start my practice. I also used this when I felt displaced, uncomfortable or simply "away with the fairies"! This is a great emotional balancer for me. 

A delicious feminine blend that makes me feel happy and sexy! I used this as a perfume and it makes me feel beautiful! 

I LOVE this blend! I use this on scars and also on my face. The smell is simply heavenly and the blend is concocted of the most exquisite and nourishing Essential Oils for the skin. 

Digest Zen Capsules
I'm so so glad that I packed a whole bottle of these capsules for my month-long trip in Thailand. The food often does not agree with me and so taking one of these with my meal really helped to ease my digestive system. (Also, I got food poisoning and had taken a couple of capsules as my stomach began to churn. When my guts rejected, or more like ejected the contents of my stomach, I was comforted by the fact that vomiting was made so much more pleasant by the taste of the Digest Zen Capsule!)  

On Guards Capsules
These are an essential part of any medicine cabinet as a first line of defense against bugs, viruses and parasites. Great to have on hand to take the second you feel a little unwell for any reason.  


And here's a few of the homemade toiletries that I took: 


Hand Sanitizer Gel
Aloe vera gel; coconut oil; On Guard EO

Bicarb of Soda; coconut oil; Peppermint EO; Spearmint EO; Clove EO

Aftersun Lotion
Aloe vera gel; rosehip butter; Lavender EO; Frankincense EO; Melaleuca EO; Peppermint EO water; fractionated coconut oil

Mat Spray
Water; Orange EO; Rosemary EO


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