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Dancers' Pose

As ‘Strictly’ fever sweeps the nation, and we move from Len’s famous ‘sev-en’ into the nines’s and 10’s, the celebrities start to look like real dancers.  But what makes a dancer’s posture so distinguishable?  We asked ex-dancer Jeni Howland – now Somatics and yoga teacher – to shed some light on this question.

That poise and elegance that a dancer has, comes from years of training the body, but here’s a selection of hacks for getting the graceful glide of Anton or Oti:

Me Too: Yoga for Trauma

There are many books and articles and sources of information about how yoga can help trauma, my goal here is to offer a few exercises that are simple and easy to integrate into your everyday life. I hope these ideas may lead you to looking deeper into how yoga can help you.

Survey: What Yoga Workshop appeals to you?

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In Autumn this year I will be running a series of yoga workshops and I'd love to know what themes you'd like to see. These workshops will involve a series of weekly classes at Clerkenwellbeing, London. If you'd be interested in attending these workshops then please answer these questions.