Astrological Chart Readings

As Above, So Below

The astral bodies have particular energies or "personalities". The sun for example is bright and dominant in the sky and represents your ego - who you are in the boldest sense. The moon affects the water on our planet and this control of fluid is connected to the control of emotions and desires - the things that pull us around like river water crafts the shape of the river bed  Mars is red and fiery and has the energy of passion, conflict and many things we associate with masculinity. And so on and so forth. At the moment of your birth into this world, where the planets are positioned in relation to you and to each other will affect how their "personalities" are imprinted in your life. A reading of where astral bodies are aligned at your time of birth is called your Astrological Birth Chart.

What I offer

I offer an over-arching psychological reading of your Astrological Birth Chart which will be delivered by online video call.

Prior to our session I will study your Astrological Birth Chart and then at your allotted time we can meet on Skype or another video-call platform to discuss what I have found. Your reading will cover what characteristics are present, what challenges you face and what tools you have to combat these challenges. This is a discussion and you will be able to participate and we will pick it apart together to assess where your challenges are playing out in your life and how you can use the skills and opportunities in your chart to your benefit. 

I don't look into future. And I don't pick out specific occurrences in your life. This is a very practical reading of your chart and the energies within. It is an opportunity for you to understand how you can balance the challenges in your life.    

How it works

Contact me and we will arrange a time for a Skype session. I do readings, mostly on Skype as it's easiest to find time that works for us both. A single session usually takes about 45 minutes.

I need your first and last name, birth date, birth time and location (town and country). From this I will create your Astrological Birth Chart. You can take notes during the session.

A single session is £50.  Payment by bank transfer is preferred and bank details will be given on booking.  

Further readings are charged at the same fee of £50 for a 45 minute session where we can look deeper into your chart and do exercises to further understand how the influences of your chart play out in your life. We can also explore the charts of others and how they interact with you, for example family members and partners.. 



How can I book a session with Jeni?

Jeni offers Astrological Chart Readings by Skype or similar online video call platforms

A session is £50 payable by cash or by bank transfer in advance.

Contact Jeni to enquire or to book a session


I found the Astrology session with Jeni very informative. It helped me identify key strengths I could work with and also key challenges that I need to be aware of. What made it unique was Jeni's ability to really feel the energy of the charts and use her strong intuitive skills to really help me see how it would affect my life in practical terms

— Jack

I always feel much happier and energised after our sessions ... they give me a wonderful boost for the rest of the week. I already recommended Kinesiology with Jeni to my friends and family, and will surely recommend it to someone who is looking for a holistic approach to health.

— Olga